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KNOCKOUT is a registered trade name for our unique brand of aerosol self-defense pepper spray.

What is the KNOCKOUT Aerosol Defense Spray?

The KNOCKOUT brand aerosol defense-spray is a humane and effective self-defense device containing OC (Oleoresin Capsicum - an extract from extremely hot chillies). It is an effective means of non-lethal, non-toxic self-defense for people concerned with personal safety and security.

What are the effects of KOCKOUT when sprayed?

KNOCKOUT Pepper Spray causes the eyes of an attacker to tear and slam shut, creates an intense burning sensation to affected areas, and causes sneezing, coughing and severe irritation in nasal cavity, thus disorienting an attacker. The effect lasts about 30-45 minutes, time you need to escape or call the Police (Tel: 100). The spray should be aimed at the face of the attacker.

How much time the KNOCKOUT Spray needs to have its effects?

Upon spraying, it starts affecting the attacker within a second. (Tear Gas takes roughly 15 seconds to affect).

Do I need any special training to operate it?

No. KNOCKOUT is as simple to operate as a room freshner or a mosquito spray. Just aim at the attacker's face and press the button. The specially designed thumb-cut Dome guides and helps the user to press the button instantly even in dark. The spray nozzle always points towards the attacker's face to avoid misfire. The Can is designed for single hand operation, freeing the other hand to ward off the attacker.

Has the Spray any permanent effects?

Being non-lethal and non-toxic, KNOCKOUT has no known permanent after - effects. The initial 2-3 hours of pain and discomfort are the only effects.

At what temperature should I store my KNOCKOUT Spray?

Do not leave your KNOCKOUT Spray in any area that may exceed 600C or drop below  -100C. Excessive heat or cold may cause the Can to leak or burst.

Can I carry my KNOCKOUT Spray on an airplane?

You may carry one Can in your checked luggage only. Sprays are not allowed in carry-on luggage or a hand baggage at any time in the passenger area.

Do I need license to carry a Pepper Spray?

Under the "Arms Act" a license is required only for 'Fire Arms' (containing gun powder/explosive ingredients). Hence, no license is required for Pepper Spray.

Is Pepper Spray legal to use?

Self-defense is permissible under law. Use of this device for any purpose other than self-defense is a criminal offence.

What's the remedy in case of accidental discharge?

In such a case, rinse eyes with water, wash skin with soap and water, and expose to fresh air. Symptoms should disappear within 60 minutes. If irritation persists, consult a physician. Don't rub infected area. Do not use any cream, oil or ointment.

How "hot" is KNOCKOUT Pepper Spray?

OC Pepper is generally measured in terms of Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). In layman's terms, Knockout Pepper Spray is 10-12 times "hotter" than the chillies used in our kitchens.

What's the range of KNOCKOUT Pepper Spray?

KNOCKOUT is specially designed to spray in a stream pattern effective upto 8 feet. Stream is less affected by winds.

How long should I press the button for effective spray?

Normally, a half second burst is enough. Your life is precious and it is advisable to keep the button pressed for longer duration to achieve the desired effect. The Can will empty out in 9 seconds.


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